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Little Tips and Workarounds

Can't keep your foil under control?
A makeshift foil dispenser.
Here is an idea — you can use a copper foil dispenser!
Copper Foil Dispenser
It will also help if you bag your foil, because it is copper and will oxidize. You can keep your original bag and tape it up, or if you have a dispenser, just put the entire thing in a large bag. The next tip is one that I don’t really believe in — using Chapstick to coat your lines so they won’t grind or saw off. I have heard that using it will gum up your grinder or saw. However, if it is your grinder or saw, you can do whatever you want.
Chapstick is sometimes used to coat lines so that they aren't lost when grinding or sawing.
The recommended product is Mark Stay II.
Mark Stay II Line Preserver
Use clothespins to hold a small suncatcher while you are soldering or break them apart and use them as burnishers. We do have many “real” burnishers available.
Kwik-Crimp Burnisher
Plastic Burnisher

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