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The Lingo Is Changing

  1. I really think we cannot talk about this enough. It is amazing how many people do not know that Spectrum and Uroboros have closed.
  2. Oceanside Glass and Tile bought the assets of both companies. At first, everything was going to stay the same — but as unforeseen problems had to be resolved, things did change.
  3. The iridized glass that Spectrum used to make has disappeared. Oceanside plans to bring it back but has not set a date. The company must set up an iridizing plant in Mexico so it can manufacture the glass. But there are too many regulations involved to send glass across the border to have it iridized and then ship it back so it can be combined with other items in the buyer’s order.
  4. What we once knew as Spectrum will know be "Oceanside Continuous Ribbon." Spectrum did name its glass "Continuous Ribbon," but the brand Spectrum will be gone. What once was Uroboros is now "Oceanside Hand Rolled." Some of the glass that we knew as hand rolled will now be continuous ribbon. “Hand rolled” means one sheet at a time goes on the table. Continuous ribbon means a longer run of glass is made at time. It tends to be smoother.
  5. Almost all Spectrum and Uroboros glass will now be COE 96. That means fusers will have a vast variety of glass to choose from. There will still be some that has to stay art glass because of the difficulties of trying to fuse it.
  6. The SKU numbers will not start with “SP” and “UR.” They will instead start with “OGT.”
  7. The supply chain is not as regular as it was. Oceanside has announced that some colors will be manufactured twice a year and some others, only once a year.
Continuous Ribbon
Hand Rolled

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