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Modeling Glass

Modeling Glass


Ever wish you could get more detail on a project? Modeling Clay is the answer. It was developed by Glass Bird Studios. It is a two-part kit that has a powdered binder and liquid medium. It is mixed with water and your own powdered glass or frit. Once it is mixed, it is the consistency of clay and you can work it like clay. It is food safe and non-toxic. You can pretty much do everything with it that you do with clay. Roll it, cut out shapes, put in silicone molds. You can then fire to a tack and get amazing detail.
Glass Bird Modeling Glass Starter Kit (stainedglassexpress.com) Lois Manno, the owner and developer of Glass Bird Modeling Glass, is a talented, experienced artist. Her love of nature shows in her artwork. She is most known for her feathers made from Modeling Glass.
This incredible image is made by Bob Leatherbarrow, who is one of our industry’s amazing artist and teacher. He created the lines with Modeling Glass.
See more of this work at www.leatherbarrowglass.com

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