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Know Your Glass

Cathedral. Glass that you can see through.

Opalescent. Glass that you cannot see through. It allows some light to show through, but not a clear image.

Streaky. A mix of two of more cathedral colors.

Cloudy/Wispy. A mix of a little (wispy) or a lot (cloudy) of white opalescent with a cathedral glass.

Seedy. Tiny air bubbles in the glass.

Granite, Hammered, Ripple, Catspaw. Fairly rough textures that may be pressed into the surface of the molten glass by a textured roller during manufacturing.

Waterglass, Baroque. Made only by Spectrum Glass. Created by manipulating the hot glass during manufacturing.

Mottled. Glass with organic spots of varying colors and densities.

Antique. Glass that is made by the traditional mouthblown method. Lines and random bubbles.

Semi-Antique. Machine made glass that resembles antique.

Glue chip. Fernlike or "Jack Frost" texture.

Iridescent. A shimmering, irregular colorful surface that looks like an oil slick.

Fusing Compatible. Used for fusing or beadmaking. It looks like regular glass, but is labeled at the factory to show that the pieces will contract at the same rate when cooling.