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Manufacturing the World’s Finest Art Glass since 1976

We are pleased to announce that we are now the Northeast Distributors of Youghiogheny Glass. In the sales world there are generally end users, retailers, distributors and manufacturers. These lines have become more and more blurry as manufacturers sell to end users and distributors open retail stores. In April Youghiogheny asked if we would be willing to take this on. We will have more glass, more variety and better pricing. Our first large shipment will arrive in late September. Our sale for October will be Youghiogheny glass. Youghiogheny Glass is a small manufacturing company that specializes in the production of stained glass sheets and glass products for the art and stained glass industry. Its products are distributed world wide for use in the making of stained glass lamps, panels, windows and other arts and crafts. Youghiogheny Glass is world renowned in the artist community for it uncompromising quality and color artistry, designed to recreate the magnificence of nature’s palette. Youghiogheny manufacturers Stipple, High Strike, Tiffany Reproduction, Oceana and Y96. Stipple Glass has a waxy, ice-like effect that sets it apart. Due to the translucent quality of the glass, there is a 3D effect when colors are streaked together. This type of glass was first made by Tiffany Studios. High Strike is a mottled art glass. It is mostly one or two-color mixes and some are rippled or iridized. Tiffany Reproduction (rg). This a series of authentic Tiffany Reproduction Opalescent Glass. These three and four-color mixes use a specifically formulated opal base glass. This base creates a true white cast, surface hazing, and the waxy quality that is generally associated with glass made by Tiffany. Oceana. Oceana mottles are soft with a delicate wispy background. Each sheet contains varying degrees of density, which create a stringy dimensional quality that is uniquely Oceana. Y96. This is a line of 96 COE compatible glass. It has a robust palette of opal and cathedral colors. 1st picture is stipple, 2nd is Oceana, 3rd is High Strike, 4th is reproduction and 5th is fusible. To see more: https://www.stainedglassexpress.com/Stained-Art-Glass/Youghiogheny-Glass/ https://www.stainedglassexpress.com/Fusible-Glass/96-COE/Youghiogheny-Y-96-Glass/