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Glass No Longer Available.

The tough economy of 2011 and 2012 caused some glass manufacturing to cease. The GNA (german new antique) factory has now been closed for some time. At first it was thought that it would be retooled and reopened. That has not happened. The distributors are now beginning to run out of some of the numbers and we thinking that 2013 will see most of the numbers run out. This also includes the beautiful mirrored gna that many use in mosaics. gnaWe are also going to lose Glue Chip this year. We will continue to be able to get clear but the colored is going to disappear. Again, the distributors have already run out of some numbers so 2013 looks bleak for a continued strong stock. Wasser is also disappearing. This is a less commonly used glass, but some have made beautiful fused jewelry and plates with it. It is a thin 90 coe glass. This one is disappearing very fast. We have already moved this glass out of our "stock" bins and moved it to the clearance bins. We will continue to order as long as it is available but we cannot guarantee the stock. If you use this glass for projects you make over and over, now is the time to stock up. We will replace the gna with some spectrum artique and stock a few more bullseye thins to replace wasser. There is nothing like the colored glue chip so we will have a great time picking so some new glass to go into those empty bins.

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