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Foils.. why so many?

We often see people just standing in front of our foil display looking overwhelmed! Here is a picture of our display just so you can see how overwhelming it is! As you can see, we have three different brands in our store. We just recently switched from Venture Tape to Edco. Venture has been sold twice in the last couple of years and seems to struggle with the consistent great product quality we have always had. We are hoping we will have better luck with Edco. We still have some Venture because Edco did not have a few we wanted. We also stock one Studio Pro in 7/32 black back because it is a good value and we have had good feedback. They do not have a wide variety so that is the only one we have from them. To explain the variety: First is width. We were thrilled that Edco comes as wide as ½”. That is great for people who are putting two pieces of glass together. Other sizes: 5/32, 7/32, 5/16, 3/16, ¼. If you want a very thin solder line you use thinner foil. If you need strength or you like a heavier line, use wider foil. Next is thickness. It is measured in millimeters. It is how thick the foil is. It might be as thin as 1 mil go to 1.25 of 1.5. Venture shows this on the label and by the color of the core the foil is wrapped on. Next is the backing. There is copper, black and silver. This is important depending on the transparency of the glass and if you are using patina. Let’s say you are making a piece in all clear glass and you plan to not patina it. You should use silver backed foil so the solder line is silver looking on the exterior and because you can see into the glass, it will look silver on the inside. If you use copper, it just jumps out and ruins the piece. If you were using clear and going to patina it black, use black backed. If you are going to patina it copper, use can use the regular copper foil that is copper on the outside and the sticky side. There is also a foil that is called silvered. It is silver on the outside and the inside. Often used when doing suncatchers and eliminates the need to solder the outer edge. Then there is new wave which has a scalloped edge. Decorative. Also sheets of copper so that you can cut for overlays or have it wide. It also has a sticky side. Use this link to see our full line of foils. https://www.stainedglassexpress.com/metals/copper_-_silver_foil/