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Bullseye Settlement

I opened an email this a.m. to see. “6.5 million dollars to prove your innocence. Bullseye said it all along and finally it is over. After glass price increases from all glass makers to fund Baghouse filter, lawyers, testing, more testing and now the plaintiff’s lawyer. . . It looks like it is finally over, we all hope. “ So I’m thinking—this guy is aware of something I am not but lo and behold just a bit further down in my inbox was an email from Bullseye. This pretty much says it all. January 23, 2019 Dear Friends, Today a Multnomah County Judge preliminarily approved a settlement in the class action lawsuit against Bullseye Glass Co. Follow this link to view the full news release: http://www.bullseyeglass.com/news/plaintiffs-and-bullseye-glass-co-settle-class-action-lawsuit.html We have mixed feelings about settling. However, once the insurance carriers provided the settlement funds, we worked hard to include meaningful settlement terms that would give our neighbors the peace of mind that Bullseye did not harm their property. We also advocated for additional air monitoring to include diesel particulate as that is a major air quality issue that affects our neighborhood. We are pleased that this aspect of the settlement may eventually contribute to improving air quality in Portland. Everyone at Bullseye sincerely appreciates your steadfast support and confidence over the past 3 years. We look forward to producing handcrafted art glass made in Portland, Oregon USA for years to come. The Team at Bullseye