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A rewrite of the 2017 blog “AM I GOOD ENOUGH” Right after the holiday season we start encouraging all of you to get your entry ready for the Just For Fun Contest. We often hear, “I am just not good enough.” I just want to say, “YES, YOU ARE!” The variety of work and the different skill levels are what make the contest wonderful. Each piece draws out comments of appreciation for something. It might be choice of color, or choice or glass. Some little quirky things someone might have done. Some little creative touch. It might be that someone just likes it. NEVER, NEVER, have we heard— “that doesn’t belong—it is not good enough.” The name “Just for Fun” may sound trite but we put a lot of thought into it. We did not want the contest to have rules that we have to monitor, and we do not want to limit it in any way. (we do limit size because we don’t want the ceiling to fall). We just want it to be Fun. You can enter to win or you can enter just for fun. This contest is in celebration of National Stained-Glass Month. In addition to seeing just an awesome collection of entries, you will get to come to Invite Night celebration. You get to vote. You get to enjoy refreshments. You get a swag bag. You get to shop the very best sale we have all year on different items that you see in the store all the time. Thinks we found on sale, things we find on close outs, things suppliers offer us at special pricing. We usually throw in some introductory products are introductory prices. All in all it is just a great time. Get your contest piece ready and help us celebrate National Stained Glass Month!

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