Teach the Teacher Program

Teach the Teachers Stained Glass At Stained Glass Express, we have developed an extensive art teacher program that focuses on glass art instruction thereby giving art teachers the necessary tools to incorporate Stained Glass, Fused Glass, Mosaics and/or Lampworking into their curriculum.

Who is eligible?

Any art teacher who is currently teaching in a public or private K-12 school, a college or university or adult education or teach glass classes in your home is eligible to participate in the Teach the Teacher Program at Stained Glass Express.

Which classes can I take?

We offer two options for teachers:

Option A - Attend an introductory class, free of charge. Eligible art teachers can take our ongoing, introductory classes in Stained Glass, Fused Glass, Mosaics and Lampworking (beadmaking). Please click here to see our class calendar.

Option B – Teachers who live and work more than an hour from Manchester, Maine can schedule a professional day, free of charge, with a Stained Glass Express instructor to introduce them to stained glass, fused glass, mosaics or lampworking. Call us and ask for our Program Director to setup a date and time.

All classes are taught at Stained Glass Express. We are located at 966 Western Avenue in Manchester Maine.

Teachers or the schools for which they work are responsible for glass & consumables costs.

How many classes can I take?

An eligible art teacher can take each of the introductory classes one time, registration free.

What will it cost for materials and supplies?

Like all class participants, art teachers will have to pay for supplies and glass. While you are enrolled in the class, you will receive a 20% discount on all purchases. You are welcome to use our tools and equipment while you are in the class. Below are estimated costs for each of the four to five week classes.

  • Stained Glass: Glass, flux, solder, flux brush, copper foil, marker. $45

o   Glass for subsequent projects costs approximately $9 per square foot.

  • Fused Glass: Glass, marker, glue, ThinFire. $30

o   Glass for subsequent projects costs approximately $13 per square foot.

  • Flameworking: Glass rods, bead release. $20

o   Glass rods for subsequent projects cost approximately $2 each.

  • Mosaics: Glass, glue, grout, sealer, project base. $40


What will I get after the class is over?

Art teachers will receive a certificate of attendance documenting the number of contact hours to use toward re-certification requirements. In addition to the Teach the Teacher Program, Stained Glass Express provides the following benefits to art teachers:

  • 20%-30% discount for your school on all glass & supplies purchases for glass art classes
  • 10% discount for your glass art students while school is in session
  • Free window glass for students to practice cutting (you pick up or pay shipping)
  • Shop online at stainedglassexpress.com and have your order shipped right to your school


Download the Teach The Teacher Program Brochure