Store Staff

Janet Parkhurst - Co-Owner

Janet Parkhurst


Janet’s byline on her name tag says "it’s all about the glass," and it has been all about glass since 1978 when Janet and Richard’s first glass shop was opened in Winslow, Maine.  

 Janet left her day job teaching business and school administration to work in the glass business full time in 1982. Stained Glass Express was opened in 1988. The online store was opened in 2005. 

 Janet and Richard have three grown children - Glenn, Tobias and Soo. 




Richard Parkhurst - Co-Owner

Richard Parkhurst



Richard is an owner of Stained Glass Express. He is the true entrepreneur and visionary.

In this photo, you see him next to an addition of our old Waterville building where he added a lift so that we could get cases of glass to our cellar warehouse. 

He is also the person who engineers getting large church windows out of the openings, onto our trucks, into our studio and then the reverse. 

Richard has been in the glass industry since 1978 when he and his partner Allen Oakes opened Oakes & Parkhurst Glass. 

There is not much he doesn't know about glass at this point, and is often called upon for his knowledge and expertise.






  Wanda Shorty - Customer Service Representative

Wanda Shorty


Wanda has been matching customers to glass since 1989.

We call her (and her name tag confirms it) "Merchandise Mava".

She is a stained glass teacher so there is not a problem asking her for some help or advice.

She does most of the displays at Stained Glass Express so you could say she is also responsible for inspiration.

Wanda is married to Roger and they have three grown sons - Luke, Zac and Matt. 



Badi Camara - Glass Cutter



Badi came aboard in October of 2017, after arriving in the United States from The Gambia - also known as the "smiling coast of Africa," because Gambians have a smile for everybody from total strangers to old friends, and Badi certainly fits the mold.

 He can be seen in the warehouse receiving shipments of glass, cutting orders to size, and keeping track of the vast assortment of art and fusible glass for sale in our retail store.

 Badi lives in Readfield with his wife Jen, and their daughter.