Simple Screen Pre-Burned Bird on Branch
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Simple Screen Pre-Burned Bird on Branch

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Simple Screen Pre-Burned Bird on Branch for Screen Printing & Powder Printing

Simple Screen Pre-Burned Bird on Branch for Screen Printing & Powder Printing


Size of image is: 1.5"H x 5"W

Burning screens is a rewarding process but not everyone has the equipment or the means to make the investment, not to mention the time and space it takes to do such a process.  Simple Screen is your answer! AAE Glass is now pre-burning royalty free stencil screen designs for use in your personal artwork.  and are made of durable 130 mesh screen.  Screens can be used for the enamel screen printing process as well as powder printing (see Gail's video for a really cool way to set these up for powder printing!) Each screen, when properly cared for, will last for 100 's of prints with enamels.  If screens are used for glass powder printing, the screen will last for 40-50 prints.  

Important information before using; 

  • The black areas shown in the product picture is what your printed image will be in which ever color enamel you use.  The white areas are your glass.
  • When taping down your screen, use electrical or yellow masking tape. 
  • Gently wash screens after each use with warm tap water and just your hands. DO NOT LET ENAMEL DRY ON SCREEN!
  • Do not take abrasive sponges/scrubbers or cleaning products to your screen.  This will eventually break the screen down.
  • Dry flat and store flat.
  • Do not let enamel dry on the screen, it will be much harder to clean and you could crease your screen trying to remove the dry enamel or paint.
  • All glass enamels mixed with a medium can be used with Simple Screens.
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