Stained Glass Express has worked out an excellent way to ship products that are on our website, including glass. 

If you request us to ship items that are not listed on the website, we may not be able to use the listed flat rate.  That is because it may take a larger box, or multiple boxes.  Please plan on the flat rate charge per box.  We can estimate how much that will be.  For example, if you ask us to ship two large dragons and it will take an oversize box or two boxes, plan on two flat rates.


If there is damage do not throw away the box.  We need pictures of the box and the damage so that we can file a claim.  We will ship out replacements to you asap.  We will file the claim.  We want this to be as easy for you as possible.  We so appreciate when a customer tells us that they can still use portions of the glass and will only need . . . . for replacement.  We do have the best customers ever!

Because glass is so heavy (approximately .88 for every sq. ft.), it adds up fast for shipping costs.  There is also an additional cost for what is called dimensional weight.  This means that even if the package is light, if it is large there is more cost.  So, to ship a glass rod, that takes a long box, costs more than it would cost if just the weight was considered.  Stained Glass Express has spent a lot of time and analysis to come up with a plan to make shipping affordable for you.


We ship for $20 flat rate. 

We can do this because:

  • When we ship to most New England states, we ship USPS (because it is the best rate).
  • We ship UPS outside New England, because it is the best rate.
  • We work hard to make sure we use the appropriate size box.
  • We have a system where we can recycle a lot of packaging materials.

We can also ship smaller products for less money.  If your items can fit into a USPS small postal box, (entire order must fit into a box 3.5 w" x 5.2 l" x 1.5 h") the cost will be: $9.20 (Good for decals).   If your items can fit into a USPS medium postal box, (entire order must fit into a box 11 w" x 8.5 l" x 5.5 h”) the cost will be: $15.50. *Glass will not and does not fit into medium or small boxes. 



Stained Glass Express is pleased to offer duty-free shopping and shipping to residents in all Canadian Provinces and Territories!

The Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Canada allows us to offer duty-free status to certain items that we carry in our online store.

What qualifies as duty-free?

Items that are made in the USA qualify for duty-free status to Canada. In each section of the on-line store, the intro says what is duty free, including most of the art glass and many of our most popular products fall into this category.  While we will do our very best to make sure that the products we ship “duty free” do qualify, we cannot guarantee that Canadian Customs will agree. (If you receive something that you expected to be duty free and it was not, please let us know so that we can research what happened and clarify things with customs or update the info on the site. ) Note: Generally, items of Canadian origin qualify as duty-free.

What does not qualify as duty-free?

Items that are not made in USA do not qualify for duty-free status. Any items in our online store that do not have a Duty-Free sticker are not of US origin and will be subject to a tariff which will be calculated into your postage.

What can I purchase?

Canadian customers can purchase anything from our online store. Any items that say in the intro that they are duty free can be shipped duty free. (This does not exclude Canadian taxes or shipping fees. You will still be responsible for those.) Note that prices shown are USD.

How will my items be shipped?

Your items will be shipped to your Canadian address via United States Postal Service (USPS), the most reliable and affordable option we have found. If you are a Canadian resident but wish to have your package sent to a US address for pickup, we will choose between USPS and UPS for the most affordable option.

We will aim to contain all the items in your shipment in one box. It is fine for both duty-free and non-duty-free items to be shipped in the same box. 

How much will my shipping cost?

USPS rates apply. 

We aim to provide a simple and streamlined process for shipping to our Canadian customers. If situations arise in your shopping OR shipping experience that you feel would be helpful for us to know, or have overlooked information that would be useful on this page, please let us know! Contact us at: info(at)

Thank you for choosing Stained Glass Express as your art glass supplier!


USPS rates apply.