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Sal Ammoniac Tinning Block 8 oz
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Sal Ammoniac Tinning Block 8 oz

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Quickly clean carbon buildup on your soldering iron tip

Sal Ammoniac Tinning Block 8 oz

This solid tinning block brick of Sal Ammoniac makes old soldering iron tips like new! The tinning block quickly cleans any carbon build up that collects on the tip of the soldering iron. Simply rub the tip of a hot iron against the block and in seconds, the tip is clean, bright, and hot. For best results, and longer lasting soldering iron tips, use the tinning block occasionally to re-tin the surface of your tip. 1/2 lb (227g) package. Solid brick of Sal-Ammoniac. Rub hot iron tip on brick to keep the tip bright and wet. Non-abrasive—will not damage tip.

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