Colors for Earth (CFE) Fired Glass Enamels are fusible glass paints in powder form which are mixed with the CFE medium. The paint and medium mix is dropped onto the surface of glass with a fine brush and is then pulled gently to expand coverage.

CFE glass enamels offer a wide variety of applications beyond painting - they can be dry-sifted, silk-screened and used on stencils or thinned with the medium (or water) and sponged, sprayed, airbrushed and more. When thinning with the CFE medium, the strength of color is retained while thinning with water dilutes the color.

After kiln firing (from 1376 to 1550 degrees F), the colors are sharp and opaque with a glossy finish.

We stock G Series (Non-Toxic), GS Series - Sparkles and BA Series (BubbleART) and the new Glitz Series.

Colors for Earth Merchandise

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