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Amazing Glass Challenge

Specific Rules:

1. Panels or hangings must be ready to hang. We quickly run out of room to lean things, so it is very helpful to us when projects have hangers (we can use our own chain if need be).

2. Multi-dimensional art must be able to be displayed on a table or be ready for hanging.

3. Lamps must be wired and ready for hanging or on a base provided by you.

4. Any entries that need to be hung MUST be under 40 lbs. Please talk to us about non-hanging entries that are over 40 lbs. so we are sure we can display them for judging.

5. All entries will remain on display at Stained Glass Express until the end of November.

6. Pieces will be displayed only with their title-no explanatory plackards or signs.

· Judging is done privately by a panel of judges chosen by Stained Glass Express. Judges are provided a scoring rubric and will evaluate each entry based on four criteria:

  • Level of difficulty attempted
  • Execution of techniques
  • Use of challenge theme
  • Overall aesthetic effect



Bruce Grantham-Glass Artist & Instructor

Serena Sanborn-Education & Outreach, Waterville Creates

Pam Wilcox-Glass Artist, Instructor, & Elementary Art Teacher


· Entrants get an invitation for themselves and a guest to attend the Champagne Reception, where winners will be announced.

 · Three prizes in all will be awarded, made up of a selection of glass in your preferred medium.