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Oceanside Red Reactive Opal Stringer 96 COE
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Oceanside Red Reactive Opal Stringer 96 COE

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Sold by the tube and in individual pieces

Oceanside Red Reactive* Opal Stringer 96 COE

Stringer is approximately 17" long

A full tube contains approximately 100 stringers

We sell stringer by the tube and in individual pieces.

If purchasing individual pieces of stringer, select the "Stringer Pieces" option from the list and enter the amount. Add one "Empty Tube" to your cart as well (see Note below). An empty tube will hold up to 100 individual stringers. Please purchase one tube for every 100 individual stringer pieces (colors may be mixed in the same tube).

Note: Due to the delicacy of the glass stringer, a plastic tube is required to insure safe transport and shipping of stringer purchased in individual pieces.

*This "reactive glass" stringer appears white prior to firing. Reactive stringers are designed to create an interface color or "reaction" when melted against certain other colors. This occurs when ions from the two adjacent glasses migrate and mingle when the glasses become hot and fluid. Given the right glass chemistry, the co-mingled ions form a very thin colored line which is the location of the reaction. The Red Reactive formulas create a noticeably reddish hue when fired.

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    Tube of Stringer (approx 100 pcs), Stringer Pieces, Empty Tube
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