Northstar 032 Violet 33 COE
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Northstar 032 Violet 33 COE

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Northstar 032 Violet 33 COE


Sold in incremints of .25lb (4oz.)

Northstar 032 violet 33 COE

Violet is a light transparent redish purple. It is atmospherically stable meaning it can be worked in any flame without the color being changed. It is also resistant to excessive heat, and can take a lot of abuse. Because NS032 Violet washes out when thinned most regard it as a color for sculpture only. However, like the other transparent colors, Violet is well suited as an overlay color.

Sold in incremints of .25lb(4oz.)

Appoximate length of rod 12-16"


Please note: weights may be slightly off . We do try to send you exactly what you order, but we charge for exact weight. This may cause totals to vary slightly. 

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    1/4 lb. (4oz), 1/2 lb. (8oz), 1 lb. (16 oz)