High Heart Lead Came

High heart lead the channel is wider than standard came, and useful for plated glass (two pieces leaded together on top of each other) and for antique sheet glass that is irregular in thickness.
It’s also useful if you’ve slumped your piece and it’s a bit uneven.

  • C = The Height. This is the total thickness of the section from top to bottom
  • B = The Leaf, the Flange or the Face. This is what you see as the ‘lead lines’ when you look at a stained glass panel
  • A= The Heart or the Channel. This is where the glass slots in. If you have very thick or fused glass you might need a high heart lead.

All High Heart comes in two ways; 4- 18" pieces or 1 6ft pieces. 

*If you buy in 6ft lengths, there will be an additional $15 box charge for shipping. Select 6ft shipping charge and add it to your cart as well as the zinc you want. Doing so, will insure that your order will not be held up. 

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