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Flat U 1/4" Lead Came
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Flat U 1/4" Lead Came

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Flat U 1/4" 6FT Lead Came

Flat U 1/4" 6FT Lead Came

Flat U channel 1/4″ Lead by Cascade Metals. Cascade lead came is made from a very closely controlled alloy that combines a fine grain structure with high strength, so it can be stretched without losing as much shape or strength. 

All Flat Lead comes in two ways; 4- 18" pieces or 1 6ft pieces. 

*If you buy in 6ft lengths, there will be an additional $15 box charge for shipping. Select 6ft shipping charge and add it to your cart as well as the flat lead you want. Doing so, will insure that your order will not be held up. 

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      0.7500 lbs
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    4 - 18in Pieces, One 6ft Piece, Shipping Cost
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