Llama Silk Screen
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Llama Silk Screen

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Llama Silk Screen

Llama Silk Screen


8½" x 11" Sheets


Llama tell you why you should order this amazing Llama Silk Screen. First of all it is super adorable and your customers will love all the designs. Secondly Silk Screens help with creating flawless designs with out the hassle of drawing. Lastly these are re-usable so you can create a ton of fun works of art! Now just add this Llama Silk Screen to your cart today!

Create gorgeous works of art with our silk screen designs! Easily apply these designs to ceramics, glass, fabric, canvas and more with our simple process. Just position your silk screen, add your paint of choice, smooth over your surface, and voila! Lift to reveal a design as gorgeous as it is simple.

Our silk screens are unique in that you can screen on either side of the design! Silk screen your design and then flip it to create the mirror image.

For best results, mix your underglaze of choice with a pinch of Glaze Thickening Powder until you reach a peanut butter consistency before applying to the silk screen.

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