90 COE Nuggets, Pebbles, Frit Balls & Dots

Nuggets, pebbles, frit balls and polka dots are 90 COE fusible glass made with Bullseye sheet glass. All are used by fused glass artists and hobbyists. Glass nuggets (also known as pebbles) may also be used in stained glass and mosaic art.

Nuggets/pebbles are made by full fusing two 1/2" (approx) pieces of glass together. The result is a flat bottom with a rounded edge and top. Frit balls/polka dots are made by firing individual pieces of coarse size frit or small bits of glass, also to a full fuse. They are tiny, perfectly round dots of glass with a flat bottom. They range in size from approximately 1/12" to 3/16".

Glass nuggets or pebbles and frit balls can be used in fused glass plates, dishes, platters, artwork, ornaments and more. Glass nuggets/pebbles are also used in mosaic projects and garden stepping stones. They can also be copper-foiled and used in stained glass panels, suncatchers and more.

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