VAC Stacks/Glass tubing by Golden Gate Glassworks used for flameworking and glassblowing. 33 COE or boro tubing is made of borosilicate glass, also known as hard glass. Golden Gate Glassworks tubing is a hand pulled stick-stack, full color or black and white glass tube.


- Length: 11" - 16"
- Diameter: 15mm - 30mm
- Wall Thickness: 2mm - 6mm
- Weight: 1/4 - 1lb.

*Tubes are pulled as close to the weight ordered as possible. Because of the nature of hand pulled tubes, the weight ordered and the weight sent/billed may vary by several ounces. Please be aware that some tubes may taper or have varying wall thicknesses throughout the tube.

Golden Gate Glassworks 33 COE

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