Double Helix Rod Keto 104 COE
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Double Helix Rod Keto 104 COE

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Keto Rod by Double Helix  Glass works

Double Helix Rod Keto 104 COE is a  Blue Speckled Luster based on test batches TC663 and 665.

Diameter: approximately 5 to 6 mm

Length: approximately 12 inches

Rods sold individually or by increments of .25 lb (1/4 lb; 1/2 lb; 1 lb).*

*Please note: our totals may vary slightly.  We charge for exact weight shipped and will try to ship exactly what you order, but the weight may vary slightly.

Tips: How to Reduce Keto Double Helix Glass:

  • Work in a neutral flame
  • Cool until glow is gone
  • Create a reduction flame by reducing oxygen, increasing propane
  • Gently reheat in reduction flame
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