Discontinued Products

These are all products that have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Once they're gone, they're gone!

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SKU Product name   Price  
SP142W-6x12 Spectrum Light Purple Cathedral Waterglass
  • $4.66
SP6098-6x12 Spectrum Pink and Clear with White Wispy Glass
  • $10.34
SP5281RR-6x12 Spectrum Sea Green Cathedral Rough Rolled Glass
  • $4.34
WI0001SEEDY-8x12 Wissmach Pale Amber Seedy Cathedral Glass
  • $5.31
SW224 Santas Sleigh Switchable
  • $24.50
UR0078-6x12 Uroboros Light Green with Spring Green Highlights Ring Mottle Glass
  • $14.91
UR65542-6x12 Uroboros Cobalt Blue, Regatta Blue, Clear, White and Purple Granite Glass
  • $11.04
UR60541-6x12 Uroboros Blue with Sky Blue, Gold Purple and Violet Streaky Glass
  • $16.00
SP602281CC-6x12 Spectrum Key Lime Pearl Opal Glass
  • $4.66
SWST Switchables Ornament Display
  • $7.70
WI47G-8x12 Wissmach Medium Amber Granite Cathedral Glass
  • $4.80
SP3392-6x12 Spectrum Light Blue With White Wispy Glass
  • $4.34
SP5432A-6x12 Spectrum Grape Cathedral Artique Glass
  • $5.00