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We are now seeing the spectrum numbers disappear from the offerings. They are being replaced with Oceanside numbers. The bulk of the Oceanside numbers will be fusible. There will be an amazing offering of fusible glass!

Here at Stained Glass Express, we are bringing in the Oceanside numbers as fast as they are available! It has certainly been a challenge. It involved moving all our glass around so there would be enough room for the fusible glass. We have continued to buy Spectrum numbers if they are available. The price is better and there is not always an Oceanside number to replace it currently. We are trying to keep as complete a stock as possible.

If you are wondering why Oceanside has moved to almost all fusible glass, here is their explanation:

  • As a steward of the environment, this switch to almost all fusible glass drastically reduces our waste, and your waste too.
  • The majority of artists “scrap glass” can now be repurposed in Fusing Projects, and our production glass scraps can be re-melted, making the glass more valuable to you and to us.
  • At a high-level, this switch also offers us much needed simplification and efficiency in our overall production.

There are 2 main distinctions of the glass production - Hand-rolled (as previously provided by Uroboros) and Continuous Ribbon (as previously provided by Spectrum).

Some of the glass we have managed to get as fusible:

These are medium amber water glass, Blue Yonder, Sky Blue, Dk Blue w/White and Cherry Red Cathedral.

Great variety for fusers and, of course, these can be used for stained glass and mosaics!