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Making Fused Glass Snowflakes

Making Fused Glass Snowflakes

Making Fused Glass Snowflakes


 two delicate glass snowflakes with blue and clear

Picture by The Avenue Stained Glass


To make these amazing snowflakes, you will need:

A snowflake mold

Primer brush

Small measuring spoons

Digital Scale

Zyp primer

Assorted fine and medium frits (96 or 90 COE)

Dichroic frit flakes

You can watch a Youtube video here:  Making Snowflakes with Colour de Verre Molds - Bing video




Colour de Verre snowflakes are amazing.  They are great as an ornament or gift, or you can use them as embellishments on other projects. 

Colour de Verre introduced the first snowflake mold in 2012. Both the 2012 and 2013 molds are being retired soon.  If you have one, lucky you!  They are so scarce, we can’t find any. 



The 2017 snowflakes are the largest at 5.5 inches.  There are two separate molds, one released in January and one in December

The 2016 is also large and you get two designs.

Colour De Verre 2015 Snowflake Mold (stainedglassexpress.com)



Colour De Verre 2014 Snowflake Mold (stainedglassexpress.com)



Colour de Verre recommends that all of their molds be prepped with Zyp spray.