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So easy to do
Directions: Clean the plate with glass cleaner Cut apart the hearts stencils and arrange around plate as desired. You’ll need about 8 hearts for the 10” plate. Hold each stencil in place with a couple of small pieces of masking tape Rub stencils down to the plate using the popsicle stick that came with your stencils. Cover all exposed areas of the plate with masking tape. Follow all the directions on the package that came with your stencils Apply the Armour Etch Cream with a brush to the open areas of the stencil by patting on the cream until the design is completely covered. Follow directions that come on the Armour Etch Cream bottle. Wait 1-2 minutes. Rinse off the Etch cream; Completely remove the stencils and tape from the plate. Clean with Glass Cleaner and dry completely