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Thank you all for such a successful INVITE NIGHT. It was a great night for food, wine, art, sales and mingling. We would also like to thank everyone who entered into our "Just for Fun" Contest, we had amazing pieces! The winners are..... Cold Category: 1. Glassy Lady Bust (Brenda Jolin) 2. Deer in Snowshoe (Barbara Plummer) 3. Fish On Driftwood (Tamara Duff) Warm Category: 1. Fused Lamp (Monique Rossignol) 2. Koppelli (Liz Watts) 3. Chicken Little (Jane Hall) Once again, thank you all for participating and coming to support Stained Glass Express. If you would like to be invited to our "Invite Night" you should enter the "Just For Fun Contest." We hope to see new and old faces next year! Thank you.

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