We have now been doing the Just For Fun Contest for 30 Years!  That is staying power!

Here are some entries from years past.

It was all stained glass back when we started out.  No fusing, no mosaics, and no hot glass.  How things have changed!

When we started it we talked about rules, a lot of issues came up.  All original work or are pattens ok?  All glass must come from us or whatever is in the piece is fine?  If someone sells their work, are they eligible to enter?  Right then and there the contest was named.  We decided that we did not want to monitor any of those things.  We wanted the contest to be JUST FOR FUN for our customers and for us.  I am so happy that tis the way it went.  We get a wonderful variety, and we can just enjoy them.

We encourage everyone to enter.  The professions give wonderful inspiration to those starting out and the beginners are just a breath of fresh air with their creativity and courage.

These are the winners for 2021.

The judging is the most fun.  There is no criteria.  You vote for what you like.  It is not open to the public voting.  It is the people who enter the current years or past years and their one guest.

This year our judging event was spread out over two days because of the crowd restrictions from Covid but we are happy to have that.  In the recent past it has been everyone who entered coming at the same time, having refreshments, getting to know each other, and shopping our special sale.  There is something about putting a bunch of people together who have a common interest that makes for an incredibly fun time.

Thank you to everyone who participates in the wonderful event.  You make our store just the best every April.