Here is a good thing that happened in 2020!  The amazing Glass Challenge.  Endings and Beginnings!  The Entries really are amazing.  We are proud to be the host of this contest and be associated with such talented people.

We want to acknowledge and thank the founders of The Amazing Glass challenge, Lucie Boucher and Bernie Huebner of Soneridge Glass.   They started The Challenge with Gray Glass Challenge in 2012.  Stained Glass Express has kept it going most years since then.

We also want to thank our judges for giving us the time and talent.  Bruce Grantham, Alice Yates and Kathi Wall. Read Their Bios at these links:

And the biggest THANK YOU to all who took on the challenge. The winners are:

See all the entries here:

If Covid had not turned our Champagne Reception into a hybrid event with our program being virtual, I would have added this as my contribution and the end of the program:

Intro of

The Glass Tears Poem Journal by Randal S. Doaty

A ray of sunlight came through a pane in the glass studio workshop

The scrap glass bucket was nearly full.  On top of this heap was a hardened drip of glass that had

carelessly fallen from a glass artist’s punti.

Glimmering in the sunlight that morning was the very first Glass Teardrop

It may have remained just scrap until the simple words, glass tears, softly whispered in the imagination of a would-be poet.

What was intended as the end – into the scrap bucket – became the first bit of beauty of the day.