Artists and Teachers

Lucie Boucher

Lucie Boucher

Lucie Boucher is a teacher in our Glass Academy and is our Kiln Goddess. Lucie also works in our Studio doing repairs and restorations and creates custom pieces of stained glass. Along with her husband, Bernie Huebner, they own Stone Ridge Glass. You can view her work from that studio at






Pam Wilcox

Pam Wilcox

Pam Wilcox is our resident Flameworking expert and instructor. She gets the torches fired up and teaches people to make beads! We turn to her for advice on all things that involve melting glass in a flame. She also runs Open Flame Friday Nights, the All Glass Workshop and teaches Friends Night Out as well as private classes. Pam works with stained glass, fused glass and most recently blown glass using a furnace.

Pam is a full-time special education teacher. She is also a softball umpire and player, a competitive shotgun shooter and a woodworker!






Bruce Grantham

Bruce Grantham

Bruce is one of the instructors for our Beginner/Intermediate Stained Glass, All Glass Workshop and Lead Came classes. Bruce has been working with glass since 1997. While initially trained in stained glass and stained glass window restoration, he has also received training in glass painting, fusing, casting and pate de verre. That said, Bruce says he much prefers fusing and incorporates his other skills in his work to give them depth. As a professional biologist, it is not surprising that the focus of his subject matter has primarily been the depiction of all aspects of the natural world.

Bruce's work can be seen at the Art Alliance Gallery in Belfast, Maine where he has been a member for the past six years. In a sense, he has come full circle as his first stained glass class was at Stained Glass Express!

Bruce's glass studies include Stained Glass Window Restoration, Glass Painting, Fused Glass Landscape, The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass and a variety of other fusing classes.





Wanda Shorty

Wanda Shorty

Wanda has been working with glass since 1980. Her stained glass journey started out by gathering with co-workers one night per week, making stained glass Christmas ornaments. From there, Wanda continued to doing stained glass as a hobby and starting in 1988 when Stained Glass Express opened, she began making pieces to sell in the store.

Wanda's interests in glass art are stained glass panel lamps, mosaics and some glass fusing. Today, she teaches private group classes, various workshops and some of the Friends Night Out classes here at Stained Glass Express. For over 10 years, Wanda has been the Stained Glass instructor for Lawrence Adult Education in Fairfield, Maine.




 Red VeilleuxRed Veilleux

Red is one of the instructors for our Beginner/Intermediate Stained Glass classes. He has tried and enjoyed many art forms and crafts over the years but has come to favor the craft of Stained Glass. Red's skills and hobbies are vast and diverse - they include bricklaying, cabinet making, clock making, cold glass repurposing, concrete casting, gardening, jewelry making, lamp making, oil painting, Marquetry, glass tile mosaics, stone mosaics and woodworking.

Red is employed by Gagne and Son in Belgrade, Maine. His duties have ranged from Masonry Salesman to Purchasing Agent to his present job as Safety Director.

Red says he loves to share the knowledge he's gained over time, believes the only stupid question is the one that is never asked and if he's uncertain of the answer to a question, will be sure to find one.

 Darcy GoodDarcy Good

Darcy took her first stained glass class in 2011. She and her husband were finishing a remodeling project in their home when her neighbor stopped over to see the progress. Her neighbor said, “Stained glass would look great in this window. Would you like to take a class?” One of the remodeled rooms included a sewing room. The sewing room quickly became a glass room.

Darcy loves working with glass, and enjoys every part of the process from planning a project to the finished work.



Tracy Quadro Arietti

Tracy Quadro Arietti

Tracy dabbled in fusing and mosaics over the years, but a Stained Glass Express gift certificate from her new husband in 2016 changed her life!

At her home studio, Twin Flame Arts, Tracy works mostly in fused and stained glass, but also some mosaics, and she has even done some work in the flame room (though she needs WAY more practice in that). 

Her years of experience as a spiritual coach and consultant makes her a natural to teach our Art and Healing classes.




Carmela PatriottiCarmela Patriotti

Carmela started working with glass in her sophomore year of high school at Lake Region High School, which was also a vocational tech school in 1986.

From there, she was able to take classes at Phoenix studio, where she learned the Morton system and started producing lamps. One of her projects in high school won an award and is still on display in the Naples Bike shop. Carmela also was able to work on mosaic projects, including a swimming pool in Naples. During her summer vacations while she was in high school, she was also a camp arts director.
Carmela taught stained glass classes at SMTHS in Portland for their evening adult classes. She relocated to Waterville in 1994 and quickly became addicted to Stained Glass Express, then in the Waterville location. She started teaching and currently still teaches life enrichment courses in Readfield and Oakland.

Carmela participated in Nancy Tang's dichroic jewelry-making courses in Searsport and quickly became hooked on fusing. She continued her education under the watchful leadership of Lucie Boucher and Pam Wilcox. Carmela participated in many craft fairs when her boys were babies.

Carmela is an instructor at Stained Glass Express and has projects on display in the store gallery.


Jody Jaramillo

Jody Jaramillo

Years working with glass: 2 1/2

Jody has always had a passion and a slight obsession with glass from a very young age. Her parents worked with stained glass and she loved to see their work come together.

She has always been involved with art in various formats but glass is her passion. She loves to be creative and see a project evolve. Jody also loves sharing her passion with others and to see the same excitement in them that she has for fusing glass.

She is a mother of four of great kids and has a wonderful husband and three dogs.






Liz Watts

Liz Watts has been working with glass for more than ten years. She began her glass obsession by taking stained glass classes at Stained Glass Express and progressed to mosaics and fusing until she had to take a job at Stained Glass Express to support her habit.

Liz still helps out at SGE as needed and spends as much time as she can beachcombing the Maine coastline for beautiful sea glass for her online sea glass jewelry shop. She lives in Winslow with her husband and two sons. 


Clint Croxford

Clint is a professional glassblowing artist with over 20 years of experience. He teaches all of our Glassblowing classes in our torch studio.


Jonathan Railo

Ed Hastings is one of our Flameworking instructors. He teaches beginner Flameworking classes.


Ed Hastings

Ed Hastings is one of our Flameworking instructors. He teaches beginner Flameworking classes.