Art & Healing Program

Lift Your Heart and Heal Your Soul through Glass Art

Stained Glass Express is proud to offer our Art & Healing Program. Over the years, we have learned from our customers that working in the various glass art mediums has helped them through times of healing, crisis, stress, loss, recovery and much, much more. It becomes a time for them to get lost in the structured steps of stained glass construction, the careful planning of a fused glass piece, the puzzle quality and intricate detail of mosaic work or their focus while working with molten glass in a flame – all while exploring their creative sides.

If you...

  • are grieving, healing or recovering
  • have been helping
  • deal with difficult challenges in your day-to-day life


Know that…

  • art enables you to envision the positive
  • creativity can be healing
  • working through an art project allows you to process grief
  • art is something to look forward to
  • art is a shift from the normal


We have experience with people who do not have previous art experience and who think they could never create. We are caring, respectful people who love that the art we all love can help others get through a difficult time. For individuals, we offer ongoing classes throughout the year. We also offer private classes for groups, families and organizations that are seeking a creative project for a morning, afternoon or evening. While we are not staffed with counselors, we invite counselor-led groups to have theirs here during classtime.

To read more about our Art & Healing Program or for information about our ongoing classes at the Glass Academy, please choose one of the options below. For private classes, please contact our Program Director.

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