90 COE Accessory Glass - Stringer & Noodles

Stringer and noodles are made with Bullseye Compatible fusible glass and used in many ways in glass fusing, torch work and glass blowing. Stringer are pulls of glass that are straight and thin enough to be bent with the heat of a candle flame. They are great for detail work and outlines. Noodles are similar in size and shape to linguini pasta and can be used to easily create straight lines of color in fused glass dishes, plates, bowls and platters. Just like stringer, noodles can be incorporated with sheet glass or the project can be made entirely out of noodles.

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SKU Product name   Price  
URSM90 Mardi Gras Stringer Mix 90 COE
  • $33.48
1654 EA Bullseye SizzleStix Narrow Dichroic on Black Glass 90 COE
  • $13.04
DS9048EA Black Back Dichroic Stringer 90 COE
  • $2.66
065210 Stringer, Noodle and Rod Tube
  • $1.99
BU014407 Bullseye Teal Green Opal Stringers 90 COE
  • $36.52
BS0203 Bullseye Opal Woodland Brown Stringer 90 COE
  • $33.48
BS0141 Bullseye Opal Forest Green Stringer 90 COE
  • $33.48
BS1116 Bullseye Opal Turquoise Blue Stringer
  • $33.48
BR0100 Bullseye Opal Black Ribbon
  • $33.48
BR1101 Bullseye Transparent Clear Ribbon
  • $33.48
49550137 Bullseye French Vanilla Stringer 90 COE
  • $33.48