Wissmach Glass

Wissmach glass is high quality stained glass manufactured by The Paul Wissmach Glass Company for stained glass, fused glass and mosaic glass artists and hobbyists. Wissmach glass is known for its beautiful color mixes of stained glass. If you are working in stained glass and mosaic glass, consider the entire line of Wissmach art glass including Wissmach 90 COE, Wissmach 96 COE and Wissmach temperables. Fused glass artists have their choice of 90 COE, 96 COE and temperables.

The many dazzling colors and textures combined with its easy workability have made Wissmach Glass a favorite of glass artists worldwide!

This product is duty free to Canada

*Note On Image Accuracy: While glass is notoriously difficult to capture well in a photograph, great care is given to present glass as true-to-life as possible. Since computer monitors and printers vary widely, and may not reliably portray the glass or its color.