96 COE and Oceanside Compatible

We stock a huge selection of fusible glass sheets by Spectrum Glass (now manufactured by Oceanside Glass & Tile), Paul Wissmach Glass Company, Uroboros and now Oceanside Glass & Tile. Our extensive inventory of 96 COE accessory glass includes frit, rods, stringer, noodles, nuggets, pebbles, dichroic, millefiori and murrini, confetti, polka dots, frit balls, dots (nipped glass rods) and precut glass shapes.

Fusible glass is used to create glass art, functional pieces such as dishes, plates and bowls, jewelry, glass tiles and much more. Fusible glass rods are used in fused glass, flameworking and glassblowing.

Special Notice:

For a period of time, we will have a significant stock of fusible glass that was manufactured at the Spectrum Glass plant in Washington and the Uroboros Glass plant in Oregon. Moving forward, as we replenish our stock, Oceanside Glass & Tile will be the manufacturer of Spectrum Glass and Uroboros Glass fusible glass sheets.

This product is duty free to Canada