Dichroic 90 COE Glass

Dichroic glass (also known as Dichro) is a multi-colored glass with reflective properties. Dichroic glass is available in several textures including smooth, ripple, fibroid and granite.

Stained Glass Express stocks 90 COE dichroic on clear and dichroic on black glasses. We carry Profusion Studio, Coatings by Sandberg (CBS) and Austin Thin Films. Dichroic scrap packs are also available.

Important to Know When Choosing Dichro Colors!

Dichroic glass colors have 2 names, i.e. magenta/green. The first color is the transmitted color, or the color you see when you hold clear dichro up to the light. The second color is the reflected color or the surface color. For example: Magenta/Green is GREEN not magenta. Green/Magenta is MAGENTA. Specialty colors and Premium colors only have one name like Salmon or Candy Apple Red.