Seasonal Clusters

Seasonal and holiday bevel clusters are used to make ornaments, suncatchers and more. Bevel clusters come in many shapes, themes, sizes and colors. The number of pieces that make up a bevel cluster can range from just a few pieces to many pieces.

Beveled glass clusters are also used in stained glass art and projects such as panels, windows, transoms, cabinets, doors and more. Themes include traditional, classic, religious, Victorian, wildlife, floral, landscape, ocean and nautical, military, fun, whimsical and much more. Bevel clusters can be soldered together alone or incorported into a larger stained glass or leaded glass piece.

In beveled glass, light is reflected and refracted by the beveled angle of the glass which creates a stunning, prismatic effect in certain lighting conditions, adding depth and elegance to the design.

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